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Protect one of the biggest assets of your company

Every year, approx. 1,000,000 people in Germany suffer from serious illness. Time and again key persons are among these numbers.

IIn many cases the absence of key persons means an existential threat for the whole company. Due to the need to find a qualified substitute, the costs for said substitute and the drop in sales, the financial consequences may be disastrous.

We have recognised this risk and created an insurance package to minimise it.

The average company is not prepared for
the absence of key persons.

The average company is not
prepared for the absence of key persons.

Where would my
company be without
my most competent

What would happen?

Key person insurance is a hedge for the company. The company is policyholder, contributor and beneficiary at the same time.

Most companies have insurance for all possible cases, such as business disruption, business liability or loss of equipment, goods and/or inventory.

However, very few companies think about the risk of absence of their main driving force – key staff members.

For example:
owners, managers, executive board members, executives, leading employees, supervisors and engineers, specialists, freelancers, etc.

Where does the risk lie?

These diseases affect Germans each year:

We protect your key staff members

With our key person insurance, we give you the possibility to cover the following:

Most companies are not prepared for the absence of key staff members.

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